Star Wars Bites: Woody Harrelson Gets Official, While a Live-Action TV Show Is Still Far, Far Away

Last week a report emerged that the filmmakers behind the young Han Solo movie wanted Woody Harrelson for a key role as a mentor to Han. The internet quickly fell in love with the idea, mainly because Woody Harrelson is one of the few actors that everyone seems to agree is a gift to every movie he's in.

And now thankfully none of us have to fall out of love with that idea since the casting just became official. 

Of course this didn't come with any extra news or details about the film. It still doesn't have a title. It still doesn't have a plot. We still don't even know at what point in the Star Wars timeline it takes place. But a statement from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller does tell us - and this is of crucial importance to fans...Read More...

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By: - Wednesday, 11 January

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